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1 day ago

Photography by @h0rdur “The Highlands of Iceland are my favourite area to explore in Iceland. Mystical paths around geothermal landscapes and volcanic deserts, a truly otherworldly experience! This shot was taken on a Highlands trip last year with @whereisweatherby , can’t wait to go again this summer!” #cpfeatureme #iceland #highlands #volcanic

1 day ago

Video by @merrwatson Tucked away in the beautiful island of Siargao is this iconic bent palm tree located in the Maasin River, built and run by local children. “We arrived at around 7am and we were fortunate enough to have this spot all to ourselves with no other people in sight, except for a few friendly locals who offered to take us to the base of the tree. They showed off their backflip skills as they were swinging off the rope into the river followed by my partner while I was standing back to get the shot Having explored many parts to the island, this particular spot really stood out to me as it showcased the natural beauty and the infinite amount of palm trees that make up this island” #philippines #plamtree #siargao

4 days ago

@steffeneisenacher / Usually you only see images of white beaches and crystal blue water from Maldives. @steffeneisenacher arrived with a mission to bring home something different. From around May to October the Maldives Islands are experiencing a monsoonal climate, with July and August being the wettest months. You will still have a lot of sun, but you are also going to experience heavy downpours and magnificent thunderstorms, as captured in the images above. Which of the images do you like better? Photography | @steffeneisenacher #maldives #maldivesinsider #visitmaldives #lightning #storm #sunset #bluehour #longexposure #paradise

5 days ago

@dominikfeike // When visiting this beautiful beach on the northern coast of Tenerife, we walked past a dead dolphin that was swept over onto the beach. Although we don't know his history and cause of death, it was quite terrifying for me seeing such an amazing animal lie there, especially as I've never encountered a dolphin this close. Whether the dolphin died due to human misbehavior or not, it reminded me of the countless images of sea animals swept onto the shoreline, filled with plastic waste; those that had to give their life because of our irresponsible behavior. It's a problem that can't be solved overnight, however every little step helps keep our oceans alive. Try to cut out plastic as much as you can and if you need to use it, always separate your waste. Don't throw anything into the ocean, your river or lake, any water ever. Most of it will end up in the ocean and cause irreversible damage. If you can, also try to avoid eating fish and seafood you should: 46% of ocean plastic pollution comes from fishing nets. Overfishing is causing serious trouble and we can survive perfectly fine without it, getting our omega 3 the plant based way. Let's not forget we're only guests on this earth, just like all other forms of life on this planet. Let's not use our power in such irresponsible ways anymore. We still have time on our hands, but it's running out. The ocean will thank you.

6 days ago

@jorelcuomowildlife // Lions Lions once numbered over 200,000 individuals around the year 1900. Sadly, recent estimates suggest a current population of fewer than 20,000: Less than 10% of the global population 100 years ago. Massive habitat loss, poaching, and human-wildlife conflict--which includes retaliatory killing when lions kill livestock--are some of the biggest causes of this decline. It's hard to wrap your head around this drastic population decrease. Lions are beloved around the world, often seen as symbols of strength and royalty. Their charisma and strong family values speak to our own. The females are unflinching and fierce predators, stopping at nothing to feed their families: yet when it comes to their cubs, they are incredibly gentle, leading to tender moments that could make even the most hard-faced individuals smile. The older males, with their huge manes, walk around like kings and protect the territory of their pride. If we don't change our habits, lions will disappear entirely – quite possibly within my own lifetime. I hope that this small collection of images helps connect you with some of the wild lions I've seen.