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@eighteenx18Β Β EighteenX18, founded by @YaraShahidi, is a platform to engage our generation, get active + vote in every election. #WeVoteNext #Eighteenx18

1 day ago

When Letitia James was sworn in as the first woman attorney general elected in New York State, the New York City Public Advocate position became wide open. Find out why this election is the hottest election on the East Coast by swiping up on our story! #NYC #PublicAdvocate

4 days ago

Who should count? It's a question that America has been asking itself since independence. Find out why California is taking the Trump Administration to the courts over a Census question by swiping up on our story! #California #Census2020 #Census #WhoCounts

6 days ago

If you were born in 2000 like our founder @YaraShahidi , you've lived through four federal government shutdowns. But what does it mean for the government to be shut down? Is the post office still running? Find out more by swiping up on the link in our story! #GovernmentShutdown via: @voxdotcom

1 week ago

Congratulations to Florida's 1.4 million returning citizens who will have their civil rights restored today! An overwhelming majority of Floridians voted YES on Amendment 4 last November, so those who have served their time will now be able to vote!

2 weeks ago

The first two Native women are now officially sworn in as members of Congress. This is sisterhood.

2 weeks ago

#HappyNewYear ! Our founder @YaraShahidi is setting awesome intentions for 2019. As she says, civic engagement doesn't stop at the polls - it's an everyday activity. How are you setting your own intentions? H/T @goodmorningamerica

1 month ago

Louisiana has an important Secretary of State race runoff coming up this Saturday in the nation's final statewide election! Learn more about what the position does, and go vote! Link to the full story from @theadvocatebr in our stories. #WeVoteNext #louisiana #vote

1 month ago

Last night, #LittleRock elected its first Black mayor ever in the runoffs! It was only sixty-one years ago when Black students had to attend the schools in the city accompanied by the federal troops. . Congratulations to @frankscottjrlr for making history. . #WeVoteNext . #LittleRock #Arkansas

1 month ago

. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ It's #TurnoutTuesday for Georgia Secretary of State and Public Service Commission District 3! Polls are open until 7pm, so you know the drill! #WeVoteNext πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #gapol

1 month ago

SAVE THE DATE! We're almost done with 2018, but there are still two very important state-level runoffs happening in Georgia and Louisiana in December. . πŸ‘ GEORGIA πŸ‘ - Secretary of State - Public Service Commission District 3 . 🦐 LOUISIANA 🦐 - Secretary of State . #vote #Georgia #louisiana

1 month ago

Two Mississippi… One Mississippi… Today is the Mississippi Senate Special Election Runoff! Every single vote matters. Yours is the difference. No more countdown: Our votes count now. Polls are open until 7pm Central Time. #MSSen #Midterms #Mississippi #vote #WeVoteNext

1 month ago

#MSSen Runoff is tomorrow! This is the last federal election of the year. Let's make an impact on this one too! #WeVoteNext