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@eighteenx18Β Β EighteenX18, founded by @YaraShahidi, is a platform to engage our generation, get active + vote in the midterm elections. #WeVoteNext #Eighteenx18

1 day ago

In Louisiana, there's still a race that you can register to vote for! Voter registration deadline for the Louisiana Secretary of State runoff is coming up tomorrow. With Election Day 2018 behind us, the stakes keep getting higher and higher. Louisiana is electing a governor in 2019 and a senator in 2020 - it's important who will be overseeing its elections. So #vote. #WeVoteNext #Louisiana

2 days ago

Do you like Candidate A? What about Candidate B? Voters in Fargo, North Dakota are doing something that's never been done before in America before. Learn about approval voting. Read full story by swiping up in our stories!

4 days ago

We're still going strong. Mississippi, Georgia and Louisiana - are y'all ready? The runoffs are coming! ------ MISSISSIPPI: Because no candidate for senate seat vacated by Senator Cochran received 50% of the vote in the nonpartisan special election, there will be a runoff between @cindyhydesmith (current appointee) and @espyforsenate to serve until 2020. Voter registration is closed. GEORGIA: While the governor's race hasn't been decided, the race for Secretary of State (who oversees voter registrations) and the Public Service Commissioner District 3 (Fulton, Rockdale, DeKalb, Clayton Cos.) will also head to runoffs on 12/4 Voter registration is closed. LOUISIANA: While many of the races were decisively decided on Election Day, the race for Louisiana Secretary of State is still on! With many key elections coming up in Louisiana in 2019 and 2020, this is an important position. Online voter registration is open until 11/17. #WeVoteNext #Georgia #Mississippi #Louisiana #GeauxVote #Vote #Elections #2018Midterms #GoVote #GOTV

5 days ago

Between #Borderline Tragedy and the California fires, things might seem all doom and gloom, but as our founder @yarashahidi reminds us, we've had the highest youth turnout in over 30 years. This isn't just a coincidence. We are the generation that is ready for the future, and we're proving it at the polls. We have the power to turn things around. Keep showing up. #mondaymotivation #WeVoteNext

1 week ago

We have to make every. last. one. of our vote count. 🏜 ARIZONA 🏜 🐊 FLORIDA 🐊 πŸ‘ GEORGIA πŸ‘ If you've voted by mail or cast a provisional ballot -- call 1-866-OUR-VOTE. @866OURVOTE will see through that your vote is counted. #EveryVoteCounts #EveryVoteMatters

1 week ago

🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 FLORIDA AND GEORGIA VOTERS Did you vote provisionally? Make sure that your vote counted. THEY MUST BE COUNTED BY 5PM TODAY. CALL 1-866-OUR-VOTE TO MAKE SURE. 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 GEORGIA: A 0.3% margin determines whether the Governor's race will head to a runoff on December 4th. FLORIDA: Both Senate and Governor's races will head to a recount because they meet the 0.5% difference threshold for a recount. With more ballots coming in, they'll meet the 0.25% difference to meet the hand recount threshold. #FLSEN #FLGov #FloridaRecount #GAgov

1 week ago

thank u, next election On November 6, 2018, we made history. #WeVoteNext was our mantra, and we owned it. Here are some firsts we saw throughout the night.

1 week ago

Voting Class of 2018! We did it. We made history tonight. We will keep making history. The future is here! And we are only just beginning. Here’s to welcoming the next class of first-time voters! #WeVoteNext #2020

1 week ago

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