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3 weeks ago

THE PERFECT IMAGE OF ROCK‘N ROLL ECONOMY OF MEANS. Less means, more energy, as the Clash reaching the top at this time. From London Calling to Combat Rock, Classicism and avant-garde mixed in an unique way.

1 month ago

LO-FI WILL NEVER DIE. Sad week... King of Lo-fi Daniel Johnston passed yesterday. Another basement genius. 🖤

1 month ago

HERE COMES THE STORY OF THE HURRICANE. Black champion Rubin Carter spent 19 years in jail for having been mistakenly accused by a 100% white jury of the murder of three white guys in a New Jersey bar in October 1966. He was finally considered innocent and released. Dylan wrote for supporting him one of those long songs he invented first with Like a Rolling Stones. It opens Desire and was played in each concert of the Rolling Thunder Review. This adult Rock challenges the standard formats : half of the song is on each side of this Ep. Thanks to @nicolasdubreuil for offering me this jewel.

1 month ago

R.I.P. ROBERT FRANK. What a journey! 🖤🇺🇸

1 month ago

REALITY OR FICTION? Architecture is the stage of the unknown play of our daily lifes. And is also linked with spaces of fiction and imaginary. As @_mathiasbarthelemy and @t_oyebode understood well when that shot this at Chris Marker residence. Thank you guys for shooting and to Philippe @barthelemygrino for sending.

1 month ago

RIP PETER FONDA. You already had thrown your watch in the dust so time did not exist anymore for you. Thank you for having invented a certain kind of cool that makes rednecks nervous.

2 months ago

RIP D.A. PENNEBAKER. Pushing his critical approach toward the means he used, he invented one of the first cameras that filmed and recorded sounds at the same time, to create his unique and intimate style. Thank you to this great economist of means for having shot so many dreams. Don’t look back, always look ahead! ❤️

2 months ago

RIP CRISTIANO TORALDO DI FRANCIA. Thank you for having been so free.

2 months ago

ECONOMY OF MEANS CORK. Congrats to Patricia Barbas @barbaslopesarquitectos for this cork installation in CCB for Garagem Sul currently on display : a series of identical cork blocks defines a form that gives a scale to this passage which is drastically transformed.

2 months ago

ECONOMY OF MEANS LISBON TRIEN’NIAL 2019. Two productive and exciting days in Lisbon with Ricardo Batista to check samples and mock ups of printings and exhibition design of Economy of Means show in MAAT. See you there for opening days October 3rd to 5th 2019.

3 months ago

ECONOMY OF MEANS/ECONOMY OF GUITAR. Once again Thurston Moore @thurstonmoore58 made a sensible demonstration of the way in which by limitating a music piece to a single instrument - electric guitar in that case - leads him to explore thousand different ways of playing with it. Amazing specific beauty of electricity and delay for this Alice Moki Jane composed piece played in the Saint George church. Thank you @thurstonmoore58 and Eva Prinz @extendedplays

3 months ago

RIP JOÂO GILBERTO. Almost unique that a man invents a music. And even more unique that this efficient beauty is based on softness. Love and respect for the one that has offered us this specific beauty of Bossa Nova. If Bossa Nova was an architecture which one would it be?