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2 hours ago

Good morning! I hope you are having a great start into the new week! As promised I will be showing you some more of our CSeries during the next few days. I will be flying to Frankfurt, Milan, Dusseldorf and Vienna! So have a look if you can spot our CSeries at any of those airports!

1 day ago

Berlin, du bist so wunderbar! Welcome to the german capital. One of Europe’s most fascinating cities. Can you spot the iconic TV tower in the distance? I hope you are having a great weekend! #flyswiss #berlin

4 days ago

Nice view over Greenland from the flight deck. I took this picture yesterday on the way from Zurich to LA. Check out the story I will be posting later for some more stunning views.

1 week ago

After a long day up in the air its time for some rest for this CSeries. Tomorrow she will be flying again to exiting destinations in our european network. Next week I will be back on shorthaul flights and will show you some more of this amazing aircraft. #flyswiss #bombardier #cs300

1 week ago

Never a dull moment at Zurich airport. While we are being refueled for a flight to Berlin our colleagues in the CSeries next to us just finished boarding and are ready to go. At the same time an A340 is towed to its gate to prepare for its next intercontinental flight. What is your favorite destination? #flyswiss #zurichairport #bombardier #airbus

2 weeks ago

I took this pic of our Airbus A330 “Hotel November” a few weeks ago. We have 14 A330’s in our fleet and tonight I will be flying on “Hotel Delta” from Newark to Zurich on flight LX19. Anyone joining me? Check out tomorrows instagram story for some behind the scenes of the flight. Greetings from New York. Philipp #flyswiss #Airbus #A330

2 weeks ago

Happy International Women's Day 2019 🎉 We are celebrating all the inspiring, powerful and simply amazing women at SWISS and all around the world. Today's flight to Paris with the Airbus A321 was handled by an all-female crew in cockpit, cabin and on the ramp! @swissport_zurich #allfemalecrew #internationalwomensday

2 weeks ago

Look at this masterpiece of engineering! Simply stunning! A while back I had the opportunity to join one of our pilots on a pre departure walk around of the aircraft and took this picture. Can you guess to which aircraft in our fleet this engine belongs? #flyswiss

3 weeks ago

Amazing view over Lake Zurich and the city of Zurich after departure! Even after hundreds of take-offs from Zurich this view never gets boring! #flyswiss #zurich #zurichairport

3 weeks ago

Dear @flyswiss followers, a very warm welcome to the month of march! My name is Philipp and I will be taking you behind the scenes of my work as a cabin crew member. I will be taking you to some of my favorite destinations such as LA and New York! If there is anything in particular that you would like to see or learn about what it means to be a cabin crew member just let me know. I’m looking forward to a great month. #flyswiss #cabincrew

3 weeks ago

It is time for me to say goodbye as your Instagramer of the month already. Thank you for letting me take you throughout February! I also genuninely hope you enjoyed the content I shared. If you want to see more captured moments of my jet set life in the future, you can follow my private account @gypsyoftheyear. I wish all my best to each half million of you! See you hopefully soon again. ☁️ Kerstin #flyswiss #flightattendant #cabincrew #travel

3 weeks ago

This evening I will be flying "dead head" to São Paulo. In my profession this describes the practice of transporting crew in or outbound due to operational reasons. This means that I am part of a scheduled crew to fly as passenger to São Paulo. The next day we fly our aircraft back home to Zürich as working crew. The term "Dead Head" goes back more than 200 years actually and was originally used in the railroad industry. I'm looking forward to lean back to enjoy our wonderful SWISS service on this 12-hour flight to one of Brazil's most impressive cities. ☁️Kerstin #flyswiss #swissalps #deadheading #travel