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2 days ago

Twirling in my favorite city ❤️❤️ Love walking the streets of Montmartre!

3 days ago

Something we always do when we’re in Paris, although very cliché, is to have a picnic by the Eiffel Tower... I love sitting down for hours to eat, chat, maybe sleep a little, and look at people walk by. And who knew, our stroller occasionally also started working as a tripod so we got to document our first family trip here 🤣❤️

4 days ago

Paris has such a special place in our hearts...it’s where we fell in love almost 7 years ago! 💕We did long distance while I lived here, and though long distance definitely has its downs- getting to date in Paris was still a pretty sweet deal 😊

5 days ago

Back buying baguetts and croissants at the exact same bakery that used to cater to my daily cravings when I was living in Paris. Did you know that I took a gap year in Paris after High school to learn French? It’s ever since been one of my favorite cities and somewhere we almost go yearly to visit friends ☺️❤️

1 week ago

Flying high 🌞 somebody just started crawling and I wish I could just pause time 😭 but all seasons are so great so im absorbing all the moments and taking it all in 💕

1 week ago

Creation at its finest and a sleeping kiddo in my backpack. Thankful 💕

1 week ago

A morning out of the ordinary 🧡💛 Will be reliving our memories from the North of Norway for a while ... what a place!!

1 week ago

Sundays with friends 💦 #iphone

2 weeks ago

& to the actual reason we went to the UK... David’s tent!! 🤩 A 72h long continuous worship gathering a couple of hours South of London. Yass!!! Whoever thinks Christians don’t know how to party obviously hasn’t been to David’s tent. 🤪 Heart and soul is filled and we couldn’t feel more refreshed, thankful and grounded. The most precious time for our family completely focused on God. Little Benji also enjoyed with his cute lil noise cancellers 🤣❤️

2 weeks ago

Dinosaur eggs or toilets? 😅

2 weeks ago

Oh hey lover!! First and last boyfriend, 7 years in - a baby later- and still in love.... with work, commitment and a good dose of God’s grace it is so possible to keep love fresh year after year! 💛🧡

2 weeks ago

Can I stay here forever please 🤩 Dreamiest location for some high tea 🍸