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7 months ago

Charm’s story on #Dynasties @bbcearth shows how much lions need our help. There are no more than lions 20,000 left in the wild and fewer than 2000 in Kenya. These great organisations are working tirelessly to help wildlife and the communities that live alongside large animals in Africa. They need our help:

7 months ago

Charm - the lioness at the heart of the next episode of #Dynasties , on BBC1 at 8pm Sunday 25 Nov.

10 months ago

Moroccan ceiling.

1 year ago

And another icy bubble universe...

1 year ago

More Antarctic ice.

1 year ago

Ice patterns in a glacier in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. #Earthonlocation

2 years ago

The view from my hide, in the jungle of West Papua, filming the Wilson's bird of paradise for #planetearth2 @BBCAmerica

2 years ago

The male Wilson's bird of paradise is one of the world's most colourful birds. He uses his colours to display to potential mates. He has a secret that he saves for the last part of his display - a vivid flash of his green throat feathers that firm a perfect half circle. This had never been filmed before from the female bird's point of view, until #planetearth2 on @BBCAmerica now.

2 years ago

Infants' school parking.

2 years ago

Read about filming New York City's peregrines for #PlanetEarth2 in The Shark and the Albatross. The NYC chapter is free to read online here and there are Christmas discounts if you'd like to order the book.

2 years ago

A peregrine's eye view of the Verrazano Narrows bridge in NYC, while filming the falcons who nest there, for #PlanetEarth2 Read about the filming and the peregrines' spectacular recovery - a conservation success story - at

2 years ago

In #PlanetEarth2 Cities episode on BBC1 tonight (11/12/16), the world's fastest birds at home in Manhattan.

2 years ago

A feather, shaped by the sea so as to resemble it.

2 years ago

Liquid lenses.

2 years ago

One of my favourite shoots for #PlanetEarth2 (the Cities episode) involved spending days on the tops of skyscrapers in Manhattan. #EarthOnLocation