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19 hours ago

We miss you, Karla!

2 days ago

Settle this one for us: Classic or Ruffled?

3 days ago

Happy National Cheeseburger day! Stop in and use &Rewards to get a free burger.

4 days ago

I've got a fever and the only prescription is more pizza!

5 days ago

holding on to the last week of summer

1 week ago

Thanks for following the @jovisuals takeover. Let us know what you thought in the comments below and tag who you'd like to see take over next!

1 week ago

"Friday's are our Kum & Go days. We all live in the same area and not everyone liked McDonald's. The people that work here are great and take really good care of us." - Coffee Club

1 week ago

"I started as part time while being an ISU student, fell in love with the people and atmosphere here at Kum & Go and well... I’m still here" -Hanna

1 week ago

"Blue Koolees are for sure my favorite, they just make me feel like a kid again" - Izacc

1 week ago

“I like helping people even in a small capacity, you know like that 5 min therapist thing…” - Amos

1 week ago

Meet Jo & Jamie 🌸 Jo: “I’m pursuing a major in Journalism and Mass Communications while Jamie (right) is working towards a degree for Graphic Design. I am a local photographer who shoots mainly digital but also works with a lot of film. My art is all about the beauty behind our stories, colors, and the diversity of humans. As a mixed woman and member of the LGBTQ+ community, I try to present a platform for all minority groups. Representation has lacked in the media for years and I believe photos are about more than beauty; they are about what they make you feel or even think. This week, we’ll be taking over @kumandgo ’s Instagram to show the lives that pass through Kum & Go stores every day.”

1 week ago


2 weeks ago

bring back the carbonation station!!!

2 weeks ago

So proud to be able to support @tulsahabitat and lend a hand here in building this home for the Torres Family in Tulsa. Today Anthony is getting to miss school this morning to help build his bedroom, but his room is not what he is looking forward to the most. “I am the most excited for a yard to play in!”

2 weeks ago

Kum & Go by the numbers: 1 family 60 years of operating 11 states 5,000 associates 400 stores And we're just getting started

2 weeks ago

big labor day energy