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@lightroom See full size profile   This month’s theme is all about wildlife photography and conservation! Share your photos and tag #Lr_Wild for a chance to be featured on our page.

23 hours ago

#Lr_Wild photo by @juspbaker || I took this photo during my honeymoon in Tanzania. We spent the first few days on the island of Zanzibar, where you can find the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park. • This photo shows a young red colobus monkey, a species that only lives on Zanzibar. After walking around with a guide for an hour, we took the time to stay with this particular monkey for a while, because he was the most active one despite the midday sun. • When the monkey heard another guide approaching, a sudden, panicked expression spread across his face. Fortunately, I got the shot before he fled to a higher branch of his tree.

1 day ago

#Lr_Wild photo by @arieljfields || This photo is titled Sunset Prowl. I was seconds from missing this shot of an elusive, striped hyena prowling around at sunset. When I saw the hyena walking in my direction, I instantly got into position. I went for a vertical angle to include the setting sun. • This striped hyena is a well-known, young, female Hyena in Israel. In addition to being super rare, she is the biggest predator in Israel. Striped hyenas are nocturnal. They live alone and rarely hunt live animals. Sadly, like so much of the world’s wildlife, the Striped Hyena is facing a global threat, with a population estimated to be under 10,000 mature individuals. In this ecosystem, hyenas are vital; as scavengers, they are nature’s “vacuum cleaners.” • Here’s what you can do to make a difference and protect endangered wildlife: 1.  Educate your family and friends about endangered species in your area. 2.  Volunteer your time to protect wildlife in your area.

3 days ago

#Lr_Wild photo by @ellasuntravels || On my parents’ honeymoon in Africa 30 years ago, they promised each other that their future kids would one day see the beauty and magic Africa has to offer. Now that my brother and I are grown up, our parents decided to take us on a vacation, and we were beyond happy to go with them! • We travelled around the continent, beginning in the Amboseli National Park. One of my first shots was this beautiful giraffe standing precisely in front of Mount Kilimanjaro. My parents knew what they were talking about: Africa is absolutely majestic and magical, and we will never forget this family experience!

5 days ago

Photo by @rainerblickle || My dad, my brother, and I were driving up from Wellington to Napier on the northern island of New Zealand. We ascended into a hilly area and stopped at a pullout to look at the view. It was too foggy to get any good landscape shots, but the low lying vegetation caught my eye. As I walked back to the car, I snapped a couple shots of these ferns (I think they’re ferns) because I thought they looked nice against the fog and ridge line. • Often times, I don’t get to shoot in the perfect light or weather conditions. However, I think if you look hard enough and get creative, you can find something to photograph no matter what. That night, I imported these images into the Lightroom Mobile app. I knew I wanted the orange to pop against the green and blue, and that’s how I ended up with the final edit.

1 week ago

#Lr_Wild photo by @outback_photo_adventures || I was lying on the ground, photographing these playful red foxes (whose fur, as you can see, is not always red despite their name). These two were running around, chasing each other all over the landscape. After a while, I could tell they were getting tired. They sat down, side by side, to catch their breath before taking a nap. • As a wildlife photo guide, I am fortunate to be able to spend the whole season here in Cheyenne when foxes are out, about, and playful. This is an awesome location, although you have to be careful! I often leave my camera bag in the field, and every year, there is one young fox who likes to sneak up and mark any unattended object.

1 week ago

#Lr_Wild photo by @nathanielwise || Passing through Salt Lake in Utah, I wanted to find a spot to camp and relax for the night. I drove out to a unique place called Antelope Island. It’s a mountainous outcropping in the middle of Great Salt Lake, full of antelope and bison. I fell asleep to the wind and awoke to a late winter snow coating the landscape. As the sun rose, I quietly watched as these massive animals meandered about, frost on their fur. It was one of the most magical moments I’ve ever witnessed and something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

1 week ago

#Lr_Wild photo by @georgetheexplorer || The world’s fastest land mammal, the cheetah, also happens to be one of the fastest declining species. Habitat loss, illegal trade, and human conflict have led to numbers plummeting to under 8,000 globally and less than 50 in Asia. The situation is desperate. You, the viewer, are the saviors by supporting organizations such as @ccfcheetah. This cannot go on. • In light of George’s focus on wildlife conservation this week (and throughout his photography career), we’d like to encourage you all to become advocates for wildlife in whatever way you can. This month, the Lightroom theme is #Lr_Wild , so make sure to tag your photographs and share your stories promoting wildlife photography and conservation for a chance to be featured on our page!

1 week ago

Photos by @georgetheexplorer || “Girl, boy, it doesn’t matter. If you put your mind to something, anything is possible,” says Precious. Part of @asiliaafrica ’s Giving program, Precious is being sponsored through guiding school. She’s the direct result and beneficiary of eco-tourism, a burgeoning industry led by innovators such as @asiliaafrica , who also have the world’s first safari camp (Dunia, in the Serengeti) entirely run by women. Part of the next generation, Precious says, “I’ll guide one day with Asilia, then give straight back and sponsor another young woman. We deserve it. Our planet deserves it.”

2 weeks ago

Photos by @georgetheexplorer || If we don’t help them, who will? Lions are disappearing at a frightening rate, with just 20,000 left in the entire world. In just three generations, their numbers have decreased by 40%. Forty. Percent. Scenes like these could soon be confined to images of the past… unless, we all step up. Opportunities like #EarthDay allow us to reflect, consider, and then move into action. Research charities and their work. Then, get involved. Let’s do this.

2 weeks ago

Photo by @georgetheexplorer || This photo shows the natural world, just as it should be. In it, Ghost, a huge male leopard in Ruaha National Park, is fast asleep. The calls of blue hour whistle through the wind, untouched and untainted by the human world. These special corners of the earth – the true wildernesses – are our last bastions of hope. Long may they be protected.

2 weeks ago

Photos by @georgetheexplorer || Hi all, it’s @georgetheexplorer here, and this week, I’ll be taking over the #Lightroom Instagram. • Meet Precious, a 19-year-old woman from Narok, Kenya. Sponsored by @asiliaafrica on their Asilia Giving program, she’s the next guiding superstar in the world famous Maasai Mara. She says, “They [Asilia] gave me a huge opportunity to prove my passion; not only to myself, but to all those who doubted me.” She’s one of 8 women in a class of 33, bucking the trend in a traditionally male-dominated industry. She continues, “I grew up in paradise, surrounded by such natural beauty. There’s nothing more I love than teaching others about why this matters.”

2 weeks ago

Hey everyone, @benjamin_warde  here, welcome back to #LightroomLessons.  I really like this photo of these gentlemen in the Dendera Temple in Egypt. But it was pretty dark in there, which means I had to use a high ISO on my camera, which means there was a lot of noise in the photo. Having a bunch of noise in a photo can really distract from the photo’s beauty, so today I’ll show you how to salvage noisy photos using the Noise Reduction controls in Lightroom. Swipe through to see the mini-tutorial! • Step 1: Here’s an enlarged crop of the photo showing what it looked like before editing, you can really see how noisy it is! • Step 2: There are two kinds of noise, color noise (all those red and green and blue speckles) and luminance noise (lighter and darker speckles). We’ll learn how to remove both. First make sure you’re in Edit mode. • Step 3: Scroll the controls until you see the “Detail” button, then tap that. • Step 4: Let’s take care of the color noise first. Scroll down in the controls until you see the “Color Noise Reduction” slider. • Step 5: Crank that slider up until the color noise goes away. For this photo, I choose a value of 40. • Step 6: The photo already looks much better, but I’d like to reduce all those lighter and darker speckles as well, so scroll the controls up a bit until you see the “Noise Reduction” slider. • Step 7: Removing luminance noise is a little trickier - the slider is great at removing noise, but it can also remove fine detail in your photo, so it’s a balancing act. Here, you can see what the photo looks like when I take the slider up to the maximum. All the noise is gone, hooray! Also, the photo now looks like a watercolor painting, boo. • Step 8: So, let’s back it off a bit to find a better balance between removing noise and retaining details.  For this photo I ended up choosing a value of 25. • Step 9: Check out the before (left) and the after (right). A little noise reduction can really make an otherwise unusable photo look nice!