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@lightroom See full size profile   Celebrate #PrideMonth with us and these three fantastic LGBTQ+ photographers! Read more below 🏳️‍🌈📖

2 days ago

Photos for #PeopleOfPride by @AmosMac of @samleeearly || Queer trans photographer @AmosMac doesn’t actually celebrate Pride *Month*, but he *does* celebrate trans male culture year round. In 2009, Amos founded a magazine all about trans male culture in America. @originalplumbing was the first of its kind. • Amos’s words of advice to all LGBTQ+ photographers: “It's important to document our own history. We've seen how erasure and revisionist history works. One way to counteract that is to pick up a camera and capture your experience, your friends, and your community. Imagine unearthing those same photos 50 years from now. Not only is photography a way to remember your history, it's a way to create it.” #CreateYourStory • Find more Pride Month celebrations at the link in our bio! We want to see your Pride-inspired photography, so make sure to tag #PeopleOfPride.

4 days ago

Photo by @erenjam for #Lr_Wander || This was taken at the famous Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, where I was hoping to capture some long exposures. I saw this guy on a bike and thought it would be really cool if I could capture some light trails with him frozen beside them. Fortunately, he must of been having a very interesting conversation on his phone as he hardly moved an inch. It was one of those rare, lucky moments where a scene played out exactly as I wanted it to.

5 days ago

Photo by @ahmetgultekinphoto for #Lr_Wander || The Italian region of Tuscany is especially known to food- and wine-lovers for its delicious local fare. However, it also has a lesser-known appeal for photographers, particularly in the spring. Tuscany provides a visual feast at this time of year, and I was lucky enough to visit! • I was not very lucky, however, with the weather. It rained for four days continuously until the morning when this picture was taken. When the rain finally broke, the sunrise was so beautiful that it seemed to make up for all the gloomy days. The early-morning light and that little a bit of fog were all I needed. • The fog decorated the road like a beautiful painting, and my friend jumped into the shot as my model. It was an unforgettable experience.

6 days ago

Photo by @silkymerman with @tinyatlasquarterly for #Lr_Wander || It’s been over a month since I’ve arrived home. I’m sitting at my desk, drinking lukewarm coffee, and eating day-old pizza. I’ve found myself in between a state of eagerness and near-painful nostalgia. My travel partner, Gabe, couldn’t have been closer to the truth when he confidently stated, “Mexico will take hold of you.” • I didn’t know it at the time, but that short stint south of the border would infatuate my mind for weeks to come. I don’t think I can pinpoint one particular person or event that aroused this insatiable wanderlust. It is a cumulative concoction of nature, food, music, dance and conversation. I can still taste that morning coffee – overflowing with freshly squeezed coconut milk on my tongue. I drift back to these long nights by a raging bonfire – the smell of lime and woodsmoke wafting over a bioluminescent coastline. I can still feel my feet stumbling through an impromptu salsa lesson, a skill I’ve since vowed to improve. • As a resident of Hawaii, I thought I mastered the art of relaxation. However, there is a certain pace (or lack of cell service) in Guerrero, Mexico that made me appreciate the slow times more than ever. • This month is all about that wanderlust! Share your travel pictures this month and tag #Lr_Wander for a chance to be featured on the @Lightroom Instagram page.

1 week ago

Photos for #PeopleOfPride by @UnaZPhoto || Shanghai-based photographer @UnaZPhoto uses her art, like this drag portrait series, to capture the authenticity behind unrestrained self expression. Her love of photography came naturally and easily, growing out of her passion for celebrating people. And for Una, that’s what this month is all about. • Una’s words of wisdom and advice to her younger self and to all aspiring LGBTQ+ artists: “The only way to get over fear is through it. I know you may be scared and question every day if there’s a future, but live with that fear, because it won’t go away, but you *will* fight through it. You’ll be incredibly happy one day, having the validation that you followed your dream and passion.” #CreateYourStory • For more Pride Month celebrations, read on at the link in our bio! Don’t forget to share your own Pride-inspired photography with the tag #PeopleOfPride.

1 week ago

Photo by @ernathan for @tinyatlasquarterly || Right next to @PlayaViva is a turtle sanctuary called @LaTortugaViva (The Living Turtle). The sanctuary is completely staffed by local and international volunteers and is part of a movement in Mexico to restore the numbers of endangered sea turtles who use the soft coastal sands to make their nests. • Working in pairs, Juluchuca local volunteers search the beach each night for the buried nests of Green turtles (Golfina) and Leatherback turtles (Laud). Once the nests are found and unearthed, the volunteers relocate the eggs to a pen safe from local predators whose populations have gone unchecked. When the turtle eggs hatch, the volunteers (and lucky guests at nearby Playa Viva) carefully bring the babies back to the sand their mothers buried them in and release them. The tiny turtles take their first flipper steps out to the rushing surf and imprint the sand’s location as they go, using what scientists think is a magnetic field super sense. The females will return to these same coasts to make their own nests 7-10 years later and continue to return throughout their breeding years.

1 week ago

Photo by @silkymerman for @tinyatlasquarterly || One thing a bit unique about traveling with a pack of photographers on a produced adventure is that we schedule our days around shooting. Naturally, we planned a horseback ride at sunset. • We have a series of images for you today on Lightroom’s Instagram Stories that show the variety of ways Ben, Meg, Gabe, and I told different stories of the same experience. Backlit, shallow depth of field, sunset flare, details, silhouettes, motion blur, and high-speed capture are among the differences.

1 week ago

Photo by @meg_haywoodsullivan for @tinyatlasquarterly || In addition to Playa Viva focusing on cultivating and recultivating native species on their land, they are also deeply involved with the tiny town closest to them, Juluchuca. • The Playa Viva resident yogi offers free weekly classes to anyone who wants to join. Colleen Fugate, who works for Playa Viva as their Social and Environmental Impact Manager, lives in town and works on a variety of development initiatives including a recycling project the town now runs. One, called “Juluchuca Limpia” (Clean Juluchuca), has local high school students make baskets to collect and recycle plastics. Our group also toured the small factories, or “fábricas,” where residents make a unique shredded coconut dessert.

1 week ago

Photo by @silkymerman for @tinyatlasquarterly || One morning, predawn, we drove to Barra de Potosí, a small fishing village just south of Zihuatanejo. Sunrise shoots might be hard to wake up for, but we like to say “sunrise is always worth it.” Experiencing sunrise on the ocean also means clearer water to shoot through, smoother seas to ride on, and more marine life encounters. • Ben Ono ( @silkymerman ) shares, “Three miles off the coast, white cliffs rise from the ocean’s horizon. Pantropical spotted dolphins make their approach, chasing a school of yellowfin tuna through an emerald oasis. Thousands of birds make their nests on the jagged cliffsides of the islands, their vocalizations echoing between the sea caves. The sea is alive – hundreds of mobula rays glide below the surface, a community of ocean neighborhoods moving beautifully in sync.”

1 week ago

Photo by @_gabrielflores for @tinyatlasquarterly || Hi, this is Emily, founder of Tiny Atlas, a photography community devoted to visual storytelling. One of our favorite things to do is to connect with our online community in the real world on adventures, and then circle back and share the stories with our community. • When planning trips, we are mindful of our impact on the planet. This image of a cashew fruit in the hands of Amanda, a permaculture farmer, is from our recent trip to Playa Viva in Mexico, on the Pacific Coast in the state of Guerrero. Along with our travelers were photographers Ben Ono ( @silkymerman ), Meg Haywood Sullivan ( @meg_haywoodsullivan ), and Gabriel Flores ( @_gabrielflores ). • Meg Haywood Sullivan shares, “True leaders in a sustainable design are few and far between. The people at this 100%-off-the-grid oasis in central Mexico make their own biochar to fertilize their crops. They’ve worked with the local community elders to reintroduce 24 native plants back into the ecosystem. We ate cashew fruit off the tree, had freshly pressed moringa smoothies, and the best flan I have ever had.”

2 weeks ago

Hey everyone, @benjamin_warde here, welcome back to #LightroomLessons. Today I’ll show you how to smooth or exaggerate the texture of skin in portraits using Lightroom on mobile. Swipe through to see the mini tutorial! • Step 1 Make sure you’re in “Edit” mode. • Step 2 You can change the texture in the whole photo if you want - Texture is the first slider in the “Effects” panel. • Step 3 But in this case, I want to limit the texture adjustment to just the man’s face, so I’m going to use Selective Edits - tap on “Selective”. • Step 4 To create a new selective edit, tap on the plus “+”. • Step 5 You can make a selective edit using a Linear Gradient, a Radial Gradient, or a Brush. In this case we want to use the Brush, so tap on the Brush icon. • Step 6 Paint over the part of the photo that you want to edit - in this case the face and neck. You’ll see red appear where you paint (the red will disappear once we make our edit). Precision isn’t too important here, don’t worry if you color outside the lines. • Step 7 Now select the edit that you want to apply to the brushed area, in this case Texture. Tap on “Effects” to see the Texture slider. • Step 8 If this were glamor or fashion photography, we’d probably want to make the skin smoother by moving the Texture slider to the left, as I’ve done here. The Texture slider does a good job of smoothing skin while still maintaining detail, so that skin ends up looking smooth, but not plastic. • Step 9 But in this case, what I like about the photo is the character and experience in the man’s face. For this photo I want to exaggerate texture, rather than smoothing it away, so I’ll take the Texture slider all the way to the right, up to 100. When you’re done with the selective edits, tap the checkmark.

2 weeks ago

Photo by @jetaime.07 || Come explore London’s art scene with us through the lens of local photographer @jetaime.07 , photo manipulator @sarashakeel , and illustrator duo @cabeza_patata. Your tour ticket awaits you at the link in our bio! • Where would you like to visit for our next Creative Layover?