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@ludovic_balland   Graphic+Editorial Designer & Photographer @ludovic_balland_photography Prof. at the Academy of Fine Arts, Leipzig @typografie_klasse

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z for Jazz L for Festival #hit

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I met Robert Frank in 2015. I found his phone number in the NYC-phone book. Called him. He picked up the phone. I asked him to meet. He said no. He said again no. Then he said call back in an hour. I had to portrait him for a book. After calling him back again, he said ok, pass by. When I arrived, he was sitting outside in front of his house. He was talking to a homeless guy, they were friends. It was looking almost like a photograph. He was just there. He said hello to me. Told me to walk upstairs his house and pick up a chair, so I could sit next him. We talked. Once I told him I’m living in Basel, he started remembering Swiss German ... we exchanged some words in dialect. He talked about his mother. She used to lived in Basel. I showed him my Newspaper “Day After Reading”. He read it and told me “don’t investigate the past to much, look out in the present to understand.” He invited me in his cave, his darkroom, not in use anymore, but fulfill with books and photographs. I shoot him a last time. That was the last image of my roll-film. At that moment he turned his head away. Because of his book “The Lines Of My Hands” that I discovered when I just turned 20 I decided to become a book designer. Thank you Robert for this amazing moment shared with you. I will never forget.

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@muzeumwbudowie Our Fence in Warsawa! Soon more! Stay tuned ・・・ – Jak zareagował Pan na Pałac Kultury widząc go przed sobą po raz pierwszy? – spytaliśmy Thomasa Phifera, architekta nowego budynku MSN: „Mi budynek kojarzy się z wieloma nowojorskimi i chicagowskimi wieżowcami, pobudowanymi niewiele wcześniej, niż wasz Pałac. Ani ich skala, ani architektura Pałacu niespecjalnie mnie zaskakują. Dopiero jego proporcje wobec reszty zabudowy, sposób, w jaki go posadowiono w samym środku miasta – dopiero to ma znaczenie symboliczne i stanowi pomnik szczególnego momentu w polskiej historii. Fakt fakt, że Pałac dalej stoi tam, gdzie go postawił Stalin, jest dla mnie symbolem godnego podziwu szacunku dla własnej historii”, powiedział Phifer. #muzeumwbudowie #muzeummaprzyszłość #msnwarszawa #muzeumsztukinowoczesnejwwarszawie #museumunderconstruction #trwarszawa #thomasphifer Na zdjęciu widoczny jest fragment ogrodzenia terenu inwestycji od ul. Marszałkowskiej z grafiką przygotowaną przez @Ludovic_Balland Typography Cabinet

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Thank you Arata @andform for your great interview!

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This architecture book, I’ve designed in 2007, was my first architectural book I did as an independent designer. I met, every weeks almost during more then a year Marcel Meili, to talk about the layout of the book, the sequence of images, the dramatic and the density of certain photographs, drawings, sketches. He was always animating the discussion, always bringing content in the center of the debate, always listening and so curious about my design and our methodology. He loved to talk about photography, himself he always said he wish he would have been a photographer. His images were strong and he cares often more about the outcome of pictures as the architecture behind. He was a father, an intellectual father, became a friend. I will miss him so much. But for ever his mind, his sharp spirit, and his way of looking at things will influence my present and future books.

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@typografie_klasse ・・・ Fantastic work of my Typography Class—reshaping the ground floor of the @HGB in order to rethink the needs of an Art School today! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ HGB JETZT >>>>>>> poster by Felix Plate ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ it’s a part of the class project »MANIFEST MAGAZIN« ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #hgbjetzt #hgbrundgang2019 @hgbleipzig @typografie_klasse

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@hgbleipzig 👍✨👍 ・・・ 💫From now on, students from all over the world have the opportunity to apply for the It's a book with their own projects.💫 Fill out the following form and send it to students along with a short presentation of your work. 📖🔗🖇📖 Deadline is 15 February You will have the chance to exhibit your book during the fair together with other selected student projects. #itsabook