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"..And whoever saves one - it is as if he had saved mankind entirely..." (Quran 5:32) And without realizing the MCU just manifested the most heroic act a Muslim could do, literally saving Tony Starks life that one day on May 2, 2008, Ho Yinsen indirectly ends up saving the whole universe in 2023. #RamadanReflections #EndgameReflections Yinsen was such an exemplary Muslim man. He led by example in terms of seeing the best in people and even though he knew Starks weapons tech and military involvement in foreign soil was the whole reason that he was in a terrorist camp, also likely why he lost his whole family yet he still spoke to Stark with respect and spoke to the side of Tony that wanted good for humanity. He patiently educated him on the what/where his weapons have been going about and used for. He looks over Tony's mistakes. "Hold to forgiveness; command what is right; But turn away from the ignorant" (Quran 7:199) What mattered to Yinsen is at that moment Tony was being wronged and he needed help. He knew 'what is right' is to stand for the victim. Yinsen helped though there wasn't an extra armor suit for him, I don't know if he trusted Tony with his life but he valued another human life and made sure to do his part in saving Tony from harm. Finally 'turning away from the ignorant'. Interacting with Tony, he learns that Tony wasn't directly involved in the decision making. So he choses to ignore whatever the terrorists had to say, who defined Stark Weapons as the military ruler of the lands. He makes his own judgement on Tony based on their interactions. "Hold to forgiveness; command what is right; But turn away from the ignorant" (Quran 7:199) And finally, watching the scene where Yinsen is shooting into the cave, his goal is to stall the bad guys so he starts shooting the henchmen away but he never shoots at them, he doesn't risk killing them even though the guys are literally out there ready to kill him on sight instead Yinsen shoots towards the walls of the cave making grunts and noises to shoo away people like wow dude even at gun point he values human life so much because "Whoever kills a person... it would be as if he killed all mankind...

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Salaams yall, Have been taking a break for health reasons but coming out of hiatus since duty calls. I've been reading people's reactions/ thoughts about Cap Marvel and genuinely upset at folks for how they've been trashing Cap Marvel before the public has even had a chance. Eitherway, takes a lot more to ruin the Carol Corps morale. #CaptainMarvel #Marvel #BrieLarson #CarolDanvers #CarolCorps #Cosplay #MuslimNerds #Avengers #Marvelcosplayers #Costumes #NerdHijab #MarvelCosplay #mcu #Comics #Superhero

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Went to the most epic wedding . A desi medieval nerd wedding with knights and swords and just typical wedding things. Mabrook @eilonwy21 ! May you live the life of your fantasies. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #nerd #geek #nerds #nerdy #cosplay #nerdgirl #nerdlife #cosplayer #geeky #geeks #nerdbot #nerdgasm #nerdlove #nerdingout #dccomics #booknerd #nerdist #nerdesin #nerding #bookstagram #nerdices #geekgirl #nerdglasses #comicbooks #comics #desinerds #nerdweddings #muslimnerds

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This was heartbreaking to hear. He impacted so many and the world would never be the same without him. Thank you for my childhood and honestly my adulthood. Thank you Stan the Man. You shall be missed.

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The one day of the year I don't cosplay #Haramween When you don't do Halloween cause it's haram but the cosplayer in you is fomo-ing all the costume parties you could have slayed and all of the candy #JannahSquad #InshaaAllah

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This week only. College students across 4 continents are raising funds for these projects. Help us contribute to these projects focused on sustaining orphanages and hospitals.