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@montanamarkers   Montana Cans offers a wide variety of speciality Marker & Inks for all purposes.

4 days ago

No artist, painter, creator or general drawing enthusiast can resist the Montana ACRYLIC Marker range. The 2mm Montana ACRYLIC marker is the much loved staple of any tool kit to create. Thanks to the new Montana Acrylic Marker 2mm Actions Display's, you can now use these dynamic eye catching displays to promote, introduce or compliment your existing ACRYLIC marker stock. #montanamarkers #acryliccolors #markers #artisttools

2 months ago

Recently in a Berlin location that Hamburg locals could only dream of, the Secret Wars Berlin drawing battle took place. But was it really a battle? Naturally it was. Even though team SPREEDAILY’s artwork would lead you to think otherwise. The opposing team DIE SCRIBBLEAHOLICS didn’t take it lying down and the show went on. With a good crowd and inspiring tunes by DJ Skar, Berlin rolled out the red carpet for the Secret Wars team to be envious of. But it wasn’t just a battle for the two teams. As a Berlin twist, five talented artists from the crowd also grabbed the Montana BOLD marker assortment in hand and gave it a go, battling for winning prize of the Jameson Talent Battle. Judged by the crowd, motivation for the official Secret Wars battling teams was high and the heat was on... #montanamarkers

4 months ago

The ACRYLIC marker and paint range has done a lot of yards with classic graffiti artists. Thats why it is even more inspiring when super talented artists not in that discipline take the materials to a whole new level, or better yet a new location. Introducing New York based artist, @amber_vittoria . With an instagram bio sentence stating ” Dismantling societal tropes set upon women”, we knew we were going to be in for something special when we invited her to feature in the latest Montana ACRYLIC Series film. And Vittoria didn’t disappoint - please follow the link in our bio! #montanamarkers #drawing #art #painting #acrylic

8 months ago

@sweetunograffsport is having some fin with our #sketchliner markers! The markers are available in six different sizes: 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm & 1.2mm. Waterproof & photocopy safe. Certified with the AP-Mark quality seal, the high qualitative ink guarantees a true black color. #montanamarkers