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@tamarasusaphoto See full size profile   🌎 Big dreams, good music and adventures around the world 📷 Photographer + Filmmaker 🇷🇸 From Belgrade, Serbia Izložba fotografija U pokretu 8-20. jun

2 days ago

Meksička država Čiapas ima najviše potomaka drevnih naroda Centralne Amerike, ali je nažalost i najsiromašnija država u regionu. Od sela do sela, svako ima drugačije običaje, drugačiju narodnu nošnju, i priča se drugi jezik. • Izložba fotografija “U pokretu” je u Kancelariji za mlade u Zemunu do četvrtka 20. juna • State of Chiapas has the highest population of indigenous people in Mexico, and every village has different traditions and they speak a different language. Unfortunately, it is also one of the poorest states in Mexico. #bethexperience #chiapas #exploremexico

4 days ago

This just popped up in my memories from 6 years ago. Neon canyon was at that point one of the hardest locations I’ve ever visited - @samueltaylorphoto did the research and found this super cool canyon without a trail to get to it, so we had to use a topographic map to make our way for miles through Utah’s red rocks in the scorching sun, we waded through knee deep river for about a mile, somewhere along the way found a jungle as well, all to eventually end up in the Golden Cathedral of Neon Canyon. About a year later @natgeoadventure made a video about this spot so I guess we can say we got to it before them 😊 This trip was also the very beginning of my interest in landscape photography, so the photos are not the best, but memories are definitely for a lifetime. #bethexperience #upokretu #neoncanyon #goldencathedral

1 week ago

It’s funny how the amount of my followers drops as soon as I stop posting Aspen photos 🙂 Don’t forget me, I’ll be back. Here’s a photo of Maroon Bells 💁‍♀️ #bethexperience #aspensnowmass #maroonbells

1 week ago

Veliko hvala svima koji su došli sinoć na otvaranje moje izložbe fotografija! Predivno je bilo videti toliko poznatih lica iz raznih perioda mog života, učinili ste mi da se osetim kao da nisam provela već 10 godina van rodnog grada 💜 Želela bih da se zahvalim @kancelarijazamladebeograd što su mi ustupili prelepu galeriju za izlaganje, @ateljefeliks na fenomenalno izradjenim fotografijama i ramovima (i to u ekspresnom roku jer Tamara uvek sve organizuje u poslednjem trenutku), @jel.iva na ovim fotografijama sa otvaranja, i naravno mom tati Šuletu bez kog nikad ništa ne bih uspela da organizujem. Za one koji nisu imali priliku da dodju na otvaranje a voleli bi da posete izložbu, postavka je tu do 20. juna, a galerija je otvorena radnim danima od 8 do 15:30h Članak sa poslednje fotografije je u današnjem broju @politika.rs #upokretu #bethexperience

1 week ago

Danas! Nadam se da možete da posetite otvaranje moje prve samostalne izložbe fotografija “U pokretu”. 18-21h u Kancelariji za mlade u Zemunu, Kosovska 9. Vidimo se 🤗 • Today is the opening of my first solo photo exhibit in my hometown so expect to see some posts in Serbian ☺️

1 week ago

I got a phone call from a journalist yesterday about my photo exhibit, and she asked me “Who are you?” 😶 So I figured it might be time to introduce myself. I was born in Serbia and I like to say I’ve lived here my entire life, but reality is that I’ve been away for 10 years already and in the meantime I made a lot of different places home until I decided Aspen is the place I’m sticking to. I took up photography right around the same time I moved away from my home country and I’ve used it ever since as a way to document my adventures around the world. I was a passionate traveler even before I became a photographer, so the two blended together quite perfectly. Why am I doing a photo exhibit? Well, there are some really amazing places around the world that I’ve been fortunate enough to see, and I’d like to share photos from those breathtaking locations with others to enjoy them as well. I guess in the world of social media today you’re exposed to all kinds of beautiful photos at your fingertips, but there’s something beautiful about seeing a large print where you can pay attention to every little detail in that photograph, versus just giving it a second while you’re scrolling through your feed. So who am I? A traveler, adventurer, photographer and everything in between. Silly question to ask somebody anyways 🙂 #bethexperience #upokretu

2 weeks ago

Excited and overwhelmed as I’m preparing for my first solo photo exhibit! For those of you that can’t read what the title says, I’m hoping to do another one in Aspen this winter! For those of you that can read what it says, I hope to see you there! #upokretu #bethexperience

1 month ago

Pico de Orizaba, also known as Citlaltépetl, is the highest mountain in Mexico and the third highest in North America, after Denali in Alaska and Mount Logan in Canada. It rises to 5,636m (18,491ft) and it is a dormant stratovolcano. 😮 #bethexperience #picodeorizaba #citlaltepetl #exploremexico