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2 days ago

Take a look at the work in progress of our Master of Architecture students enrolled in the design studio run by School of Design Teaching Associate Gertjan Groen ( @gertjangroen ). . ‘Gathering Space: experimenting with the fundamentals of architecture through physical models and hand drawings’ In this studio students concern themselves with some of the fundamentals of architecture; space, light, structure, materiality and tectonics. They engage in a design approach in which they concentrate on how spaces are experienced, on all scales of architecture.  Strong conceptual ideas form an important foundation. Students are studying proportions of space, manipulation of natural light and shadows and will try to get an understanding of materials, what their qualities are and how they go together to form a strong composition.  Students are limited to working by hand only, without the use of any computer software. Large scale physical working models are the primary tool to develop the design, supported by sketches and hand drawings. With this approach, students are challenging themselves, challenging conventions and developing the trusting of our senses and instinct. The proposed main assignment is a Gathering Space, for which the student will develop their personal brief. The project location is within the fine grain of historic Fremantle, meeting the edge of the Bathers Bay and the Indian Ocean. We are looking forward to seeing the outcome in students’ final folio submissions! Images: (1) Yukiko Ang ( @ixamxyuki ), (2) Whitney Leung, (3/4) Bryan Donnelly ( @bryandonnelly ), (5) Jiayi Yao, (6) Junjie Zhong, (7) Mengqiao Miao, (8) Nicholas McRoberts, (9) Nika Biggs, (10) Sophia Do ( @sophia.do ). Images by Nicholas Putrasia ( @putrasia ) . . . . . #UWA #uwadesign #uwaschoolofdesign #uwaarchitecture #uwamasters #uwadesignstaff #uwadesignstudents #uwastudents #fundamentalsofarchitecture #handdrawings #sketching #nocomputers #architecturemodels #fremantle #bathersbay

3 days ago

Conversations on Design and Enterprise Launch of Future West Issue 7 Friday 27 September 6pm Huzzard Studios ( @huzzardstudios ), 10-14 Pier Street, Perth Ben Hewett (New South Wales Government Architect) will give a presentation on experiences of design enterprise in NSW. This will be followed by a conversation on the future of design enterprise and policy in Western Australia with Melinda Payne (Office of the Government Architect, WA), Philip Gresley ( @philgresley )(Architect, Gresley Abas ( @gresleyabas ) and Neil Thom (CLE and UDIA ( @udiawa ). Future West (Australian Urbanism) addresses the need for a conscientious debate about architecture, planning, culture, and society across Western Australia and beyond. The seventh issue of Future West investigates the formation of Perth and Western Australian architecture and settlement as being driven by speculative enterprise, which continues to shape its morphology and mythology today. RSVP to community-design @uwa.edu.au . . . . . #UWA #uwadesign #uwaschoolofdesign #futurewest #australianurbanism #uwaurbandesign #launch #huzzardstudios

4 days ago

Happy World Bamboo Day! Here is a picture of our UWA School of Design students in Baoxi Village, Zhejiang in July 2019 as part of the recent workshop led by a team from @UWA_design (Australia), UNNC (China) and @tudelft (Netherlands) that brought together students from UWA and the University of Nottingham Ningbo China. The workshop aimed to make use of traditional knowledge and digital tools to gain a better understanding of the traditional knowledge of bamboo fabrication to create contemporary opportunities in design with bamboo. . . . . . #UWA #uwadesign #uwaschoolofdesign #uwaarchitecture #worldbambooday2019 #universitynottinghamningbochina #tudelft #workshop #bamboo #architecture #traditionalknowledge #design

5 days ago

#repost @uwafinearts.and.historyofart The Thursday Art Talk Thursday 19 September 1pm G22 ⠀⠀ Leora Farber Director: Visual Identities in Art and Design Research Centre, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Johannesburg. ( @university_of_johannesburg ) ⠀⠀ ‘Intimate presences/affective absences (or, the snake within)’ ⠀⠀ ’In this talk, I provide an overview of my artistic practice, focusing on underpinning themes of the body; skin; embodiment, abjection, medical bio-technology, and cultural displacement within feminist, postcolonial and decolonial paradigms. I trace how these thematics come together in an ongoing bio-art project, involving use of cellulose fibre to create casts of domestic objects that carry associations with colonial legacies, and a series of bacterial drawings related to the patterns reproduced on these objects. Hauntingly spectral, in states of ‘in betweenness’, the casts and drawings blur conventional boundaries between visibility and invisibility; past and present; materiality and immateriality; living and non-living; presence and absence; actuality and imagination; being and non-being; growth and decay.’ Presented with the support of @symbiotica.lab. . . . . #UWA #uwaschoolofdesign #uwadesign #uwafinearts #uwahistoryofart #artandscience #symbiotica #thursdayarttalk #arttalk #leorafarber #university_of_johannesburg

6 days ago

TALKING ARCHITECTURE SERIES TODAY! Finn Pedersen, Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects (IPH) ( @iredalepedersenhook ) Monday, 16 September at 1pm in the Hew Roberts Lecture Theatre Finn Pedersen is a Co-founder and Director of Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects, a Perth and Melbourne based studio with a diverse body of work throughout Australia.  They practice in the fields of Housing, Education, Health, Justice and Cultural Buildings with a focus on direct engagement with the indigenous peoples of Australia. Finn studied architecture at Curtin University in Perth, and following graduation he spent five years working for an Aboriginal Community owned practice in the town of Broome in far North of Western Australia where he focused on the design and delivery of infrastructure, cultural and housing projects for remote Aboriginal Communities. Returning to Perth in 1999 he co-founded Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects with his former student friends Adrian Iredale and Martyn Hook. Together they undertook a joint Masters/PhD in Architecture through Practice at RMIT University in Melbourne at the invitation of Professor Leon van Schaik AO in 2008. Finn has an interest in Culture, Social Justice, landscape, and how architecture can affect and enhance the relationship between people and place. He has worked with many Aboriginal communities throughout remote Western Australia and is particularly interested in the manner that architecture and design can provide innovative solutions that are deeply respectful of traditional culture. Finn is the Vice Chairperson of the Wyemando and Jimmy Pike Trusts which provide grant finding for indigenous language preservation and artist travel scholarships for remote area Aboriginal Artists. Finn was the co-founder of Environs Kimberley – a Broome based environmental group protecting the Kimberley country in Western Australia. Join us for the next lecture in an exciting series of talks. All welcome! . . . . #UWA #uwadesign #architecture #uwastudents #finnpedersen #iph #iredalepedersenhook #talkingarchitecture #lecture

1 week ago

Thank you to all of our architecture students for your hard work during this week’s Design Jury presentations, it was a wonderful show of student work! Thank you also to all staff and invited critics, Sophie Giles ( @sophiegilesarchitects ), Catherine Lindsay Rueda, Nigel Westbrook, Raquel Scartezini ( @raquelscartezini ), Craig McCormack ( @craigwmccormack ), Kirill de Lancastre Jedenov, Jane Burry ( @jane.burry ), Romesh Goonewardene ( @romesh_61 ), Wayne O’Sullivan ( @millenniumkids ), Ramon Baro, Simon Pendal ( @simonpendal_architect ), Jonathan Lake, Kieran Murnane ( @kieran__murnane ) and many others who dedicated several hours of their time to give our students some insightful feedback on their work in progress! We are looking forward to seeing the outcome in final folio! Video by Natasha Nicole ( @natashaxnicolex ) featuring Year 1 students from Studio Tasmin Vivian-Williams ( @mina_milano_ ) / Sarah Brooke, ‘Liminal Gestures’ . . . . #UWA #uwaschoolofdesign #uwadesign #uwaarchitecture #designjuryweek #uwadesignstudents #uwadesignstaff #uwastudents #midsemestercrits #natashanicole

1 week ago

Interested in a career in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Fine Arts, History of Art or Building Information Modelling? Then drop in to the UWA School of Design in the last week of term for a tour of current exhibitions and studio spaces, with staff on hand to answer any questions. 23-26 Sept, Cullity Gallery, School of Design, 4pm for staffed sessions. For additional information, contact the School of Design at: admin-design @uwa.edu.au or call 6488 2582. . . . . #UWA #uwaschoolofdesign #uwadesign #uwaarchitecture #uwalandscapearchitecture #uwaurbandesign #uwafinearts #uwahistoryofart #uwaBIM #audrc #schoolopenweek #uwafuturestudents

1 week ago

#repost @uwafinearts.and.historyofart Thursday Floor Talk Thursday 12 September at 5pm BayOne Exhibition and Project Space ⠀⠀ Ionat Zurr Crossing Kingdoms ⠀⠀ Using my artistic collaborative work (with Oron Catts and Tarsh Bates) as a starting point I will explore physical and conceptual membranes in cells, bodies, cultures and beyond. Crossing Kingdoms is a work in progress that poetically explores the implications of yeast-mammal cell fusion. Through actual manipulation of life forms, the work raises questions about the practical and ontological nature and identity of novel organisms that fall outside scientific and cultural classification systems. Neither yeast or mammal, the hybrid cells produced by cross-kingdom fusions challenge our categories and understandings of life. How can they be classified? What are the impacts on the environment and society? Crossing Kingdoms traverses the tangible and conceptual borders of life and living systems. – Ionat Zurr 2019. ⠀⠀ In collaboration with the UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology, University of Edinburgh, the Engineering Life research group (Science, Technology and Innovation Studies, University of Edinburgh) and the Iyer Lab (School of Molecular Biology, The University of Western Australia). Supported by a Research Collaboration Award from the University of Western Australia and the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries. ⠀⠀ Image: Biomess. 2018, Ionat Zurr & Oron Catts. Photo: Bo Wong . . . . #UWA #uwaschoolofdesign #uwadesign #uwafinearts #uwahistoryofart #thursdayarttalk #ionatzurr #symbiotica #bioart

1 week ago

Design Jury week is here! Come and see the project presentations of students in both the undergraduate and postgraduate architecture studios! Each studio has an invited guest reviewer who will offer valuable insight to students’ work in progress. Check out which presentations are happening today Monday, 9 September and Thursday, 12 September 2019 above. . . . . #UWA #uwaschoolofdesign #uwadesign #uwaarchitecture #undergraduate #postgraduate #uwadesignjuryweek #invitedcritics #uwadesignstudents #cullitygallery #alvahub #audrc #uwastudents #midsemestercrits

2 weeks ago

WEDNESDAY SPEAKER SERIES Jane Burry ( @jane.burry ) Design + Fabrication in Architecture Wednesday, 11 September at 1pm in the Hew Roberts Lecture Theatre Sponsored by the UWA Community of Practice- Developing Technological Leaders, in association with the School of Design Materials + Fabrication Research Group [MATFAB]. The seeming stasis of architecture is challenged by its fundamental role as an interface, modulating dynamic sensory and atmospheric experience of sound, air, temperature, and light. Affordable and accessible contemporary technology has provided new ways to sculpt and monitor both this architectural interface and atmospheres themselves. It is a space that brings the naturally dynamic, exploratory, creative and sometimes serendipitous nature of architectural design into play with the more metrical and rigorous world of engineering. An interesting dialectic develops both between disciplines and between the built world and the atmosphere that has a place in the most critical conversations and actions of our time. Taking atmosphere in architecture seriously, in a world where we are often divorced from our phenomenological and embodied engagement with it, leads paradoxically back to finding value that can be articulated in the mercantile world of innovation and impact. Jane Burry is an architect, professor and Dean of the School of Design at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia. Recent funded research explores the opportunities for leveraging digital fabrication with simulation and feedback to create better, more sensitive, human-centric spaces. Manipulating geometry and materiality within the design, architecture can fine tune the acoustic, thermal and air flow aesthetics for higher quality environments. Other partnered research investigates rich environmental data gathering and its application to designing better urban environments. Image 01: FabPod II under construction. Chen Canhui. Image 02: Jane Burry. . . . . #UWA #uwaschoolofdesign #uwadesign #uwadesignstudents #uwaarchitecture #uwastudents #janeburry #uwaspeakerseries #fabrication #swinburneuniversityoftechnology

2 weeks ago

TALKING ARCHITECTURE SERIES John Taylor Monday, 9 September at 1pm in the Hew Roberts Lecture Theatre John Taylor will be speaking on architectural registration in WA, other states and around the world. One of the very few architects in Australia to possess formal training and qualifications for heritage work, John Taylor founded his own practice in 1990, and has built up a highly-regarded, award-winning architectural conservation team. John has completed a Masters degree (conservation of historic buildings) at the University of York in England, and a heritage based PhD at the University of Western Australia. John is a registered architect in Western Australia, and with significant involvement in activities of the [Royal] Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) over many years, John is a Fellow of the AIA. John has previously represented the Western Australian chapter of the AIA on the National Residential Development Work Group, chaired the AIA Heritage Committee, and since 2008 has been a member of and examiner for, the Architects Board of Western Australia. John chaired the Board from 2014 to 2019, and has served as a director of the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA). Join us for the next lecture in an exciting series of talks. All welcome! Image: Conservation Plan for Tarpaulin Shop, Midland Railway Workshops . . . . #UWA #uwadesign #architecture #uwastudents #johntaylor #heritage #talkingarchitecture #lecture

2 weeks ago

#repost @uwafinearts.and.historyofart As part of our commitment to the broader community, the UWA School of Design ( @UWA_design ) is proud to announce its inaugural Junior Art and Design Awards. ⠀⠀ In celebration of emerging creative talent across Western Australia, the awards are open to young artists and designers who engage in a variety of disciplines, including Architecture, Ceramics, Drawing, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture and Video. ⠀⠀ The theme for this year’s award is ‘A Changing World’ and will be divided into six categories: 1) Art & Environment 2) Art & Science/Engineering 3) Art & Storytelling 4) Design & Environment 5) Design & Science/Engineering 6) Design & Storytelling ⠀⠀ The awards are open to artists or designers in years 7-9 and 10-12. The entry deadline is 4 October 2019. ⠀⠀ For more information see link in bio. . . . . #UWA #uwaschoolofdesign #uwadesign #uwajuniorartanddesignawards #art #design #uwafinearts #uwaarchitecture #video #sculpture #printmaking #graphicdesign #industrialdesign #ceramics #shentoncollege #shentoncollegearts #perthmodern #wesleycollegeperth #applecrossseniorhighschool #southperthhighschool #christchurchgrammarschool #comosecondarycollege #mercedescollegeperth

2 weeks ago

Congratulations to UWA School of Design staff members Associate Professor Fer Jerez and Teaching Associate Belen Perez de Juan of SMAR Architecture Studio ( @smar_architects ) which has been shortlisted in the international competition for the Vilnius National Concert Hall. An international panel of experts, headed by Snohetta’s Ole Gustavsen, ranked the submissions starting with Arquivio, followed by Fres Architects, Paleko and SMAR Architecture Studio. The competition projects remain a mystery for the time being. In total, 248 projects were received, an absolute record in the history of Lithuanian architectural competitions, ahead of Kaunas Science Island Competition (144 projects) and Kaunas MKČ. Center competition (119 projects). SMAR architecture studio’s team was comprised of Fer Jerez, Belen Perez de Juan, Bradley Millis, Sung Hwan, Tsz Ching. Image: Jury deliberations for the international competition for the Vilnius National Concert Hall. . . . . #UWA #uwadesign #architecture #uwadesignstaff #uwaalumni #architecturecompetition #congratulations #lithuania #uwaresearch

2 weeks ago

#repost @uwafinearts.and.historyofart 2020 INTERNATIONAL ARTS & DESIGN MASTER CLASS: THE DESIGNED MAKING OF RELATIONSHIPS APRIL 15 – 28, 2020 ⠀⠀ The Ubud-Bali Design & Arts Masterclass has originated from long-standing educational partnerships between the Bali Institute of Global Renewal (BIGR) and environmental art & design teachers Grant Revell & Craig Burton. Alongside Balinese community partners, Grant & Craig have run previous classes in Taman Kelod & elsewhere across the Island, focusing on the engagement and sharing of Indigenous design knowledge with a focus on community health and wellbeing related projects. ⠀⠀ This Masterclass is a unique culmination of both practical and theoretical art & design education related experiences. Set within the spiritual villages of Ubud, with an amazing bunch of committed arts & design practitioners & educators, this community-based Masterclass will soon become one of the world’s strongest & most fun-loving place-bound educational & professional development experiences the world can truly offer. ⠀⠀ For more info visit: https://baliinstitute.com/tour-item/2020-international-arts-design-master-class/ . . . . #UWA #uwaschoolofdesign #uwadesign #uwadesignstudents #uwastudents #baliinstitute

2 weeks ago

THURSDAY FLOOR TALK Romesh Goonewardene ( @romesh_61 ) Hyperbaroque and the Creative Economy Date: Thursday, 5 September 2019 Time: 5pm Venue: Bay One Exhibition and Project Space, Cullity Gallery, UWA School of Design Architecture in China’s Rust Belt Cities To coincide with the Bay Two exhibition ‘Hyperbaroque’, this talk is about the role of Architecture in the urban development of Harbin, a large Provincial city of 12 million people in what is now being termed ‘China’s Rustbelt”. The talk will focus on the city government’s development of the historical Lao Daowai as part of a strategy to reinvent the city as a “Cultural Capital” using the wonderful collection of Neoclassical “Chinese Baroque” buildings as its centrepiece. The development is a lesson in the risks of applying universal imported architectural and urban ‘models’ without sustainable political and economic action. . . . . #UWA #uwaschoolofdesign #uwadesign #uwaarchitecture #floortalk #baytwo #exhibition #uwadesignstudents #uwadesignstaff #uwastudents #china #harbin #chinesebaroque

2 weeks ago

#repost @uwafinearts.and.historyofart Thursday Art Talk Dr Ric Spencer Chief Curator AGWA ⠀⠀ Thursday 5 September 1pm G22 UWA School of Design ⠀⠀ Curating Pathways Dr Ric Spencer is an artist and writer, since 2011 he has been the Curator at Fremantle Arts Centre ( @fremantleartscentre ) and he is also currently Chief Curator at the Art Gallery of Western Australia ( @artgallerywa ). He has been involved in numerous art activities as a curator, writer and artist, has exhibited his own artwork in Australia and internationally and worked with many local, national and international artists on a wide range of projects and exhibitions. From 2004-2010 he wrote art criticism for The West Australian newspaper and from 2000-2010 he lectured at Curtin University where he holds a Doctor of Creative Arts. . . . . #UWA #uwaschoolofdesign #uwadesign #uwafinearts #uwahistoryofart #thursdayarttalk #artgallerywa #fremantleartscentre

2 weeks ago

WEDNESDAY FLOOR TALK Daniel Jan Martin & Geoffrey London In Time With Water: Perth’s ‘Deep Structure’ and the need for housing density Wednesday, 4 September at 1pm in Bay One, Cullity Gallery, UWA School of Design To coincide with the end of the Bay One exhibition ‘In Time With Water: Design Studies of 3 Australian Cities’, Daniel Jan Martin ( @danieljanmartin ) and Geoffrey London will hold a lunch time floor talk on Wednesday, 4th September. All welcome! The book ‘In Time With Water: Design Studies of 3 Australian Cities’ is available from UWA Publishing @uwapublishing . . . . #UWA #uwaschoolofdesign #uwadesign #uwaarchitecture #floortalk #bayone #exhibition #uwadesignstudents #uwadesignstaff #uwastudents #uwapublishing #watersensitivecities