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4 days ago

From the #VIIArchive. Photo by @JoachimLadefoged / @VIIPhoto. Gisele Mandeke Mukanga, 34, is seen at home in the Congolese capital Kinshasa on August 14, 2005. She and her husband-to-be, Kasongo Lucien, who also has AIDS, live openly with the virus and are not ashamed by the disease they are carrying, unlike the majority of their countrymen. — Together the couple runs a non-governmental organization called STATUS DE LA SOVIPLUS-RDC, aimed at educating Congolese about AIDS and teaching them to be open rather than hiding behind the shadows. — #HIV #AIDS #OnThisDay #JoachimLadefoged #VIIPhoto #DRC #Kinshasa

6 days ago

From the #VIIArchive on International Youth Day. Photo by @AshGilbertson / @VIIPhoto for @UNICEF. — Sladjana Ugrica, 10, a Serbian girl with multiple disabilities including undeveloped motor skills and intellectual disability, claps to music with friends Dejan, Jenny and Milica, during third grade class at Ognjen Prica Primary school in Kulot Village, Sombor city, Serbia on March 17, 2016. — Sladjana lives with her mother and father at home, and since 2014 has been enrolled in mainstream education with support from the school, the community and her family, particularly her mother who accompanies her at school to assist in her daily needs, and her teacher, Margita Ragicev, who learned how to teach children with special needs. In order to make the girls inclusion at school a success, changes had to be made to pedagogical practices, and Sladjana’s teachers received an award for the good inclusive education practice. This example is evidence that Serbia is capable of creating an inclusive school system that caters to children with disabilities. — #YouthDay #TransformingEducation #SDG4 #UNICEF #Serbia #inclusiveeducation

1 week ago

From the #VIIArchive on #IndigenousPeoplesDay. Photo by @MaggieSteber / @VIIPhoto. Marie Randall, an elder in the Lakota Sioux nation at Pine Ridge Reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, prays one the land of the ancestors before the laying of a water pipeline that will provide water to hundreds of Native residents on the reservation, considered to be the poorest area in the United States. The project is overseen by the tribal government and change many lives of residents who currently have to have water delivered to their isolated homes. Only elders like Marie know where the boundaries of the sacred lands are situated on the reservation and which the pipeline must avoid. Because so few people know where the lands end and begin, it is the elders who must protect them and teach the next generations to not only protect the lands but to pass on the stories of the ancestors. Because of dire economic situations, many young people leave the reservation and Marie worries that the history of the tribe will be lost forever. ― #WeAreIndigenous , #IndigenousDay #MaggieSteber #VIIPhoto #PineRidgeReservation #PineRidge #NativeAmerican

1 week ago

From the #VIIArchive. Photo by @FrancoPagetti / @VIIPhoto. Abelardo Antonio Tabares Castaño, 50, stands at his home with his family in Penazorà, a hamlet near Puerto Asís, Putumayo, Colombia on Feb. 26, 2009. Castaño is a farmer who was threatened from his "finca", or ranch, in the municipality of Teteyé two years ago. He lost two sons to the armed militias who took them. — #Colombia #breastfeeding #VIIPhoto #FrancoPagetti

1 week ago

Photo by @marygelman / @VIIPhoto. Activists calling for a law against domestic violence protest in Saint Petersburg, Russia on August 4, 2019. — Russia has a high rate of domestic violence as well as a lack of legal protection for women from their partners and family members. The country does not have a specific national law dealing only with domestic violence, and there are no protection orders in Russian law. Only around three percent of domestic violence cases are ever heard in court. — #viiphoto #marygelman   #domesticviolence #russia   #saintpetersburg #metoo

1 week ago

From the #VIIArchive. Photo by @valentinabeijing / #VIIMentorProgram. L.S. holds Lily, his favorite doll, at the beach in BeiHai, China, 17 May 2018. L.S. is a 28-year-old Chinese man who began to be interested in silicone dolls after the end of a tormenting relationship with a girlfriend. L.S. recounts that the worst part of his relationship with his ex was the exhausting daily quarrels that strongly traumatized him. L.S. says that the relationship he has established with his dolls has helped him to find serenity again. L.S. loves to return home, sit on the sofa and drink tea with his dolls. He says he can spend hours talking with his dolls without having to be afraid of argument. At night, L.S. also finds comfort in embracing his favorite doll and occasionally having sex with her. He considers the dolls to be an integral part of his life. — #SexDoll #DollMate #Relationships #DollMates #VIIPhoto

1 week ago

Photo by Lance Larson @samizdatfilms , a Los Angeles-based photographer and participant in last year’s @viiphoto "Rising Fast" workshop | VII photographers @nicholesobecki and @dannywilcoxfrazier are teaming up again this year in one of Africa's most dynamic cities: Nairobi, Kenya. Sign up now to join them this September 14 - 21, 2019! . ’Rising Fast’ is a complete immersion into photography and storytelling in one of the world’s fastest-growing urban spaces. Contrary to reductive stereotypes of Africa, Kenya is riding a strong economy, a youth-driven cultural awakening and a dynamic tech scene coined the “Silicon Savannah.” Huge challenges remain, however: widespread poverty, poor infrastructure, human rights abuses, and political tumult. Does the “Africa Rising” narrative hold up, and how are people’s lives being impacted on the ground? . We’ll be sharing some really inspiring work by past workshop participants this week. Lance's series explores the challenges Nairobians face while moving through their burgeoning city. A paucity of public transportation options colliding with an increasing number of private vehicles has overburdened Nairobi's infrastructure, resulting in the longest commute times of any city on the continent. . There are also four scholarships available for photographers from Kenya, Burundi, Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania or Uganda. Scholarship applications close August 15. . Follow the link in @nicholesobecki 's profile for more details or to sign up! #risingfast #workshop #photography #nicholesobecki #viiphoto

1 week ago

Photo by: @lindabournane Women of Algeria: Hawa Zr (24) Algiers, student of litteratur and German language. - As a woman, I have to fight for my rights. I am a activist and a feminist. All we are asking for is change. Women in general are really pushed aside in Algeria, People do not see women as something important. But things are changing, in our time woman are starting to do things they did not do before, like going to cafe with mens. The new generation is bringing something new. #feminism #strongwomen #girlpower #womenpower 💪