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13 hours ago

2007 Adventures❣️ #tbt

2 days ago

No matter your beliefs, all sacred spaces should be safe places❣️Let’s send our love/our resources/our energy into the rebuilding of a community of sacred spaces that were burned down by a hate crime. There’s a link in my instastory to donate to the three historically black churches affected #louisiana

3 days ago

I just wanted you to know💕 || @lovejuto ||

3 days ago

Imagine an entire day, devoted to bringing together empowered humans, from all walks of life, to talk about the importance of finding our personal definitions of confidence and beauty! An experience of a lifetime for me! Grateful to @bobbibrown x @kahlanabarfield x @missjulee for continuously reminding me and many others that this space is meant for ALL of us⭐️Let’s keep the conversation going⭐️ #confidentbeauty @bobbibrown

6 days ago

An Executive Producer appreciation post ⚡️🌟 I am so grateful to be able to witness your journey for the past six years! People officially get to witness your brilliance in front of AND BEHIND the camera... that’s no #little feat (see what I did there) ⚡️ Love you @marsaimartin ! Who’s going to see the @littlethemovie

1 week ago

🤦🏽‍♀️ P.S. No siblings were harmed in the making of this video. (Ehsan grabbed my hand and slapped himself) #NationalSiblingDay